No Brokerage App for Hostel, PG and Flat: Download Now From Google Play Store😃

Are you in a hunt for Hostels, PG and Flats near you? And you want to pay no brokerage at all, then you have landed on the correct path. It's very annoying and cumbersome to find the perfect living for yourself. Thousands of things come across your mind while choosing the correct living option. Do you know, just like you, every year 10 million students migrate to a new city for education and they face the same problem of unavailability of rooms and unorganized options for them to choose which one is better. 

Don't Panic, If you are moving to a new city because MrRoom App will help you in simplifying the process of searching for Hostels, PGs and Flats close to your desired location at Zero Brokerage cost. This No Brokerage app is available on Google Play Store for free and provides a way of interaction between tenants and the merchants.

This app is tech-friendly with easy UI/UX and has paved a good way for students and employees who are looking for rooms nearby them. Some features that need to be listed are:-

  1. Customized Search Options
  2. Read Reviews
  3. View High-Quality Photos of Hostels, PGs and Flats
  4. Check Instant Bed Availability
  5. Check Monthly Rent and Security Amount
  6. Clear Transparency between Tenants and the Owners
  7. Pay Zero Brokerage Money at all
  8. Pay Monthly Rent Online
  9. Manage Rent Easily through Rent Manager
  10. Early Bird Offers for new tenants

MrRoom is a one-stop solution for people who want to focus more on work rather than wasting time on finding necessary facilities. Hence, keeping this in mind, this zero brokerage app connects the tenants with local vendors for free so that they can easily get access to each and every amenities and facility available out there. 

Till date, 200 customers which include students, employees, and families are satisfied with MrRoom service and overall brokerage amount of 2.7 Lakhs have been saved. 


  • MrRoom is listed under the list of most successful startups in Kanpur
  • MrRoom is among the 25 startups selected from all over India for iBHubs Startup School 2019
  • MrRoom is among the 3000 startups selected from all over World for Y Combinator SS 2019

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