10 Facilities Every Hostel Should Have

  1. 1) Distance from your Institution

    You need to look for your Hostel/PG in a locality which is not too far from your College/coaching so that you do not waste much of your time and energy on commute. Afterall, there is no point of such days where you attend class of 2 hours, and travel for straight 3 hours. It’s all nothing but exhausting. Also, pay attention to the transport you can avail near your accommodation. This is an important factor in determining the hostel facilities provided.

  2. 2) Markets and other facilities nearby

    Living on your own, is a responsibility in itself. You are responsible for going to the market even for a thing as small as a needle. No mom, dad or sibling is going to do it for you, here in this place (well that’s the only part one misses about the family ). So check carefully about the nearby shops and complexes. They should be stocked enough to suffice your day to day needs of common stuffs. A medical store is also something you need to consider so that you can fetch common meds.

  3. 3)Hostel Facilities and Security

    A secure environment makes you make most of your mind without worrying about anything unfortunate. Make sure the society you choose, has proper security arrangements. And for girls, it is quite important for them to feel safe at the dusk hour. CCTV cameras are also a new trend for security. Many hostels/PGs employ their own security guards so it is a better option to look for while finalising your ideal stay.

  4. 4) Healthy Food/Mess Habits

    A nutritious meal is very important for a healthy mind to expand its intelligence. And when you are in your college/coaching, you will use more of your brains into stuff. And if you are into sports, diet turns into a key factor. So it is very important to check the quality of food the hostel mess is providing. If you do not find it worthy of your needs, you can always give up the mess facility and opt in for an external mess or tiffin facility that will deliver the food to your doorstep.

  5. 10 hostel facilities every hostel should have
  6. 5) Clean Drinking water

    Clean drinking water is an important amenity. And in this age of rising pollution every day, the water quality is degrading gradually. A common problem with groundwater is the increased amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) in water. This TDS can affect serious liver and kidney problems. RO purifiers are an effective solution to this. So make sure your hostel offers purified water. You can also opt in for RO water delivery by third parties. They charge a very nominal amount for a litre of clean purified water.

  7. 6) Parks and Neighbourhood

    You are here in a new city, in a new environment, among completely strange and new people. It is very important to know how your neighbourhood is. Because in case of an emergency, your neighbours are your first relative. Talk to the people around and know the kind of neighbourhood you have. Also see if you have parks around so that you can feel the fresh air on your morning walk. Localities with parks around have a very positive vibe in it. And you need it right now.

  8. 7) Behaviour of the owner

    Whatever room you are choosing to live in, you are going to pay the rent anyway. What matters the most is the behaviour of the owner and the caretaker of the place. You do not want to live with a crappy owner who nags about every single bit. Do you? This is sort of frustrating and annoying if continued for long term. This might affect your concentration too. So make sure to talk to the other students living in there already about the behaviour of the owner and caretaker. Trust me, you are gonna thank us for this tip later.

  9. 8) Affordable Rent

    While finalising your ideal rental place, keep in mind about your budget which is affordable by your family financial condition. You do not want to be an extra load on your family finance. On the other hand, make sure you get the most out of the amount in form of proper services, for which you paid. Ask the other students if the owner provides services later, which he promises at the time of renting you the room. This is important as at first, the room owners promise a lot, and provide too little.

  10. 9) Hidden Conditions

    Make sure there are no hidden terms and conditions. Everything should be laid out in front of you beforehand. So that when you leave the place after your graduation or end of tenure, you don’t have to hassle much about the security deposit or anything else.

  11. 10) Proper Connectivity In the Region

    This is something very important. Do not ignore it even if it is at the end of our checklist. Internet is a very important part of education today. So make sure you get access to a proper internet speed and network connectivity at the place. Because when you are away from home, mobile phones are the only way to talk to your family, and poor network connectivity could be a bummer. Consider a protip, you can always call the customer care service and explain them your problem of network issue and they will verify the issue. If verified, you can get a tower in your area installed asap.

  12. 10 hostel facilities every hostel should have